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Help Changing Language on Driver Cluster


New Member
Had my Palisade Limited for about a month now and am loving it; but ran into a problem today that I can't figure out. I was visiting some friends and as I was getting ready to leave, I had a strange message from bluelink saying something about communication error with the vehicle. I just figured it was nothing b/c I was in a low signal area. When I got in, and turned started up, I noticed that the entire cluster was in (I think) Korean and I can't set it back.

I got the manual out and, assuming I'm looking in the correct spot, I should be able to change the the language by pressing OK on the right side of the steering wheel and going through the user settings menu. I used my cell phone camera and Google translate to convert it in real time from KR>>ENG and the menu items look the same as what's in the manual...except there's no #9 Language option! There's driver mode, doors, conveniences, reset....but not language option!

Can anyone help?


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