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Has anyone experienced issues with cracked or chipped windshield on their Palisade?

What I Drive
2020 Palisade
There is molding/trim under your hood that I believe is the problem with so many of these windshields cracking. Our 2020 Palisade windshield cracked last year and we finally got around to replacing it in January by a local company. Within a week that new windshield had what looked like a stress crack coming up from the bottom of the glass. We took it back and they replaced that windshield and within 2 weeks we had 2 cracks from the bottom on both the passenger and driver side. Now to today they replaced for the 3rd time and I observed the installer, he removed the bottom trim (technical name DASH COWL) and the groove where the glass slides into has about a dozen clips or small protrusions that help support the windshield, the stress cracks were exactly where a couple of these clips were. He bent all of those back slightly to prevent it happening again. This is clearly a design flaw by Hyundai, hopefully there will be a recall at some point to address this issue and reimburse people that have paid for replacements.

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