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WrapStyle Hyundai Palisade


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Dallas, TX, USA
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Ditto: Tell us about the grill !! The nicest 2ndary market grill I've seen for this SUV.

Give a little color on what was done.

Nice job, although the windows are a bit..... gangster. Probably not legal in the states (too dark).

As good a place as any to make this comment..... I'm not sure I've seen a new car with so much personalization and tweaking going on (this forum is FULL of posts)? Wraps, grills, rims, tires, badges, electronics, etc., etc. I have to agree that the car desperately needs help. More sex appeal. If Hyundai could add leather options (e.g., a deep, rich burgundy) and exterior color options (Moonlight Cloud is neither Moonlight nor Cloud), fix the rims on the Calligraphy (uuuuuuugly!).... they may have something. I've seen several local buyers wrap the whole dang vehicle to get a true alternative color.

I'm interested in the vehicle (would LOVE an 'N' version), but I seem to be spending my time reading ways to get a more masculine look. Not good, I guess.

Again, very NICE job on this Palisade!!