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Window Tint?

Has anyone tinted their windows, and if so, what level of tint??
I dont have any fancy light transmission meters or anything, but going on my own evaluation, it would appear that the rear windows are all less tinted than my Santa Fe Sport. I want to definitely tint the fronts, but I am thinking I am going to have to add some additional tint to the rear glass as well to darken it a bit more than 'factory'.
My auto tint shop guy just did a Palisade last week, and this is the path that his customer took.

I am in IL.. think 35% is the legal line in the tinting sand...

Anyone else have any thoughts, or pictures??
Here's mine. Its ceramic film. I went limo on the sides except front passenger and driver side. I believe I went with 35 in the front and rear. 20190909_203947.jpg

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