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Weathertech floor liners now available

I probably should have followed up on this thread already!!! Was not blown away by the Tuxmat situation, and Wifey did not like them at all, so they went back. They looked good, but they didnt have the precision fit of WeatherTech, and being that they were not molded, they needed additional mounting. Probably nice in an upscale car, but not so much in an SUV, not in my busy and active and on-the-go family at least. Luckily, our friends at WeatherTech finally came through!! Living in Naperville, right next to Bolingbrook, where WeatherTech is HQ'd....I got an email from them 2 weeks ago, went and picked them up--Semi-instant gratification, no waiting for shipping, and they have a really nice Starbucks-style coffee bar with coffees, lattes, etc, etc. and installed them. (Side note, and I cant make this up-- they offer installation service on site, for $20. Really now?? They are floor mats! Not air filters, which are also pretty simple, or oil filters, or something that requires skills or tools, like tires....) Front row, awesome, perfect fit, locks in place using the factory mounted 'hooks' on the floor. Second row, fits equally well, actually looks like a better fit than the front row, due to the recessed floor- anchored as well with existing hooks. Third row is really just more or less just flopped into position, and kept in position simply because it really cant move anywhere, but not a big issue, as that 3rd row for me is basically folded or used by the dog anyway. You could use some double sided tape or velcro stickies to help keep it nailed down, but I dont really see the need.

All in all, I am pleased, and more importantly, Wifey is happy!!! We have been a WeatherTech family for years-- kids, dogs, more kids, Chicago weather, outdoor activities, etc, etc.