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Trailer hitch and wiring harness?

Northern California
My Palisade Ltd came pre-wired and with the 4-pin connector. I'm still deliberating the need for the 7-pin conversion as most of the teardrop (or squaredrop) trailers on the market are < 1,500 LB, which makes it legal to tow without breaks in each of the 50 states (only 4 states require breaks on anything 1,500 and above, others start from 3,000 up). Typically electric breaks add about $350 to the trailer cost PLUS around $100-150 for a reasonably good break controller and installation labor on my Palisade. My perspective trailer manufacturer tells me it would be just money wasting with no added value. However, should I still decide to waste those $500 all what would be needed is a some kind of break controller that comes with its own wiring kit that the installer would use to tap in some existing break related connection.

BTW, here's the beautiful Curt's 13427 hitch for $176.89+tax with shipping included.
I would base your decision on two factors:
1. What is the electric brake law weight limit in your state, since each one is different.
2. Does your trailer have a 4-pin or 7-pin connection (aka does it come with trailer brakes included?)
3. For #1 above, base your decision of the maximum GVWR of the trailer, never off the unloaded.
If it comes with electric brakes, you will always increase your stopping distance regardless of weight limits, so it never hurts to have it! Would love to hear what teardrop you are looking at, hope this helps!

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