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Total upgrades and mod's so far.....


New Member
Raleigh, NC, USA
What I Drive
2022 Palisade Limited AWD
1) Hyundai mud flaps via eBay. $29, a little small, but may help.
2) Cargo mat via eBay. $200, a little thin, but will do the job.
3) Window vents via eBay. $49. For looks. Really just need to black out the chrome.
4) Center console pad via eBay. $45. Great quality. My wife is 4'11", this helps.
5) Rear generic Genesis wing via eBay. $11. Tried to remove the giant H and found 3 mounting holes. Just needed something to cover. Would've preferred to have no emblem there. Already removed the dealer sticker. My car = my stickers.
6) N Line emblems (3) via eBay. $13 ea. One on each side of A pillar and one on rear. 'Cause it looks faster. LOL
7) Door latch covers via eBay. $10. Covers latch, looks more finished.
8) License plate cover via eBay. $12. Nice piece.
9) Power seat covers via eBay. $26. Ad said chrome, they're silver plastic. Still adds some eye-appeal.
10) Tinted first row Windows 25% (legal limit in NC) $75.
11) Ordering TuxMats next.

Can we get an update on your progress? New Palisade here and really wanting to see what you've done.

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