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Palisade Wiring Harness Class Action Suit


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Worcester, MA
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Hi folks. I'm the owner of a 2023 Palisade with the problem of not being able to tow a trailer. I have been in contact with a Consumer Affairs law firm about a class action suit against Hyundai. They are already looking to start a class action suit for the 20-22 models and are looking for you folks to contact them to strengthen their case. For us 2023 owners, it appears that I'm the first one to call them about the 2023 model year harness issue. They believe we have a case against Hyundai. So all you folks please contact them to add your name to suit. It cost you nothing to become a member of the class (class action suit).

Let's get Hyundai moving on fixing our problem.

Lemberg Law 1-203-653-2250. Ask for Zachary

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