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LKA System - Use it? Like it?

Northern California
I’d hate to be the one to throw in the monkey wrench, but I say this with expierience: when you have HDA enabled on the freeway and the “HDA” icon is lit, there is a definite difference in terms of how the LFA performs. It’s not necessary using the “Auto” feature of HDA (where it matches local speed limit), but it seems to perform better at handling staying in the lane, especially with curves.
I’ve been meaning to post about this for some time, reasoning for this is when I got the Palisade in June, the HDA would barely come on in Northern California due to the database in the navigation not listing as many freeways. Once I performed the Mapnquest update last month; either:
  • A: (Most likely) the update increased the coverage of HDA freeways (confirmed in the release notes
  • Or B: an update was made to the HDA/LFA algorithms for better performance
It seems that the HDA, combined with the little green wheel being lit, seems to increase the lane centering performance. Would appreciate anyone’s thoughts on if you feel the difference as well.


New Member
Pinckney, MI, USA
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2020 Hyundai Palisade
What is really great about these features is that they are going to save lives if used. Drivers who like to tailgate will hate them. Unintended advantage to alcoholic drivers.

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