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Incredible Hidden Trailer Hitch for 2020 Palisade!

The Villages, FL, USA
Are you like me and were very disappointed with the appearance of the factory trailer hitch being offered by Hyundai for the new 2020 Palisade? If so, I've found the perfect trailer hitch solution for you! This week I spent a day in Atlanta working with a company named Stealth Hitches to develop a hidden trailer hitch for the Palisade! The CEO Steve Nance and his team did an amazing job designing, building and installing a hitch for the Palisade that is virtually invisible when not in use! See the attached pictures of the Palisade with the hitch installed, but not towing and then the pictures of the Palisade ready to tow! To learn all about this incredible hitch, now available for the 2020 Palisade, please check out their website https://stealthhitches.com/. If you have any questions about this hitch, please contact Steve Nance directly at 770-815-6300 or steve@stealthhitches.com. Good luck with your new Palisade and happy towing!



New Member
What I Drive
Factory hitch is horrible.. above looks great but is towing capacity reduced from 5000 lbs?

I'm thinking going with the Curt aftermarket w/ Curt bluetooth brake controller on my pending 2021 but struggling with how to hide the wires on the back. Disappointed they didn't do better job on this - coming from a Tahoe where trailer package was very well executed and integrated.

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