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Genesis GV80 photos

Glendale, AZ, USA
What I Drive
2018 Genesis G90 ultimate
Nice looking cabin, But I 'm not a fan of navigation screen that stick up and block part of your view.
Really don't like a dial shifter, Palisade buttons make more sense and dials appear to close to the
center pad on console. I'm sure it will have power everything and most of the new features, But
how much is that going to cost. It will start out at maybe a reasonable price then the features you
really want will raise the cost out of sight .
For what they will charge you could buy a BMW or Mercedes
My experience with the Genesis brand has been if you get a car with no problems you are ok
Get a car that has a couple of issues shame on you Genesis is only interested in sales right now
and will treat you like dirt if there are any problems with car.