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Full Parts Catalog


New Member
Pittsburgh, PA, USA
What I Drive
2021 Palisade Limited
Is anyone aware of a link where I can find a full Palisade OEM parts catalog with associated diagrams?

I know the dealerships have online sites for Hyundai parts with diagrams but they are often incomplete, many parts not listed/diagramed. You might be able to find it if you have a part number but often, without that, it's difficult to identify the actual part for a particular vehicle. I have found some parts sites that seem to have a little more detailed diagrams but the diagrams only show up when you have a part number.

I've tried the Hyundai service manual website but don't see such a catalog there. Maybe only the dealerships have such access.

For example, I am looking for a Liftgate Wiring Harness Assy. for a 2020 Limited, I came up with several part numbers (e.g. 91650S8050, 91650S8060, 91650S8110,) each likely compatible with versions of that model based on actual configuration. I can find these at the dealer sites and a price but I can't really determine which is compatible with my specific 2020 Limited. Whereas other parts that are diagramed they can at least be searched by VIN and known to be compatible, or the listing detail shows what options fit a particular part. I hope that makes sense.

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