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First Oil Change @1200 miles

What I Drive
2024 Palisade Calligraphy
I performed an oil change at about 1,000 on my new 2024 Palisade Calligraphy. I was expecting the oil to be dirty and have some glitter as the engine is breaking in. But I was not expecting to see bigger metal shavings and a bit over a quart burned. I was not too concerned about the oil consumption as the engine is breaking in. Called Hyundai service department at my local dealership and explained what I saw about the bigger metal shavings and the consumption. They explained it would be normal for the first oil change (I sort of knew this) and that Hyundai, like Toyota and Honda, allows for 1 quart burned every 1,000 miles (sound familiar?). So I told the service advisor that by 5,000 miles, I would barely have any oil in the engine (about 2 quarts). He kind off laughed nervously and stated "well, maybe not that much burned." Proceeded to recommend I check the oil when I fuel, which I often do. I have been working on cars for a long time and my dad is a mechanic so I am not too concerned at this point. But if I see this on my second oil change then I will be a bit concerned. Love my Palisade though. Any thoughts


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