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Extended Warranty


New Member
What I Drive
2020 Palisade Limited
Hello, I expect to get my Palisade Limited this weekend. Because my wife and I are both retired now and this may be our last vehicle, I was thinking of getting an extended warranty. Somewhere I saw discussions about a dealership in a northern state providing Hyundai Manufacturer extended warranties at a very reasonable cost. I am in Florida and they are pushing a third party vendor Zurich. Can anyone point me to that information? Thank you in advance.
Glendale, AZ, USA
What I Drive
2018 Genesis G90 ultimate
Get the Hyundai extended warranty, even if it cost you a couple of dollars more.
Your dealership can get you the Hyundai extended warranty. They try to push an
extended warranty from third party because they make a lot of money on it.
If dealer says they don't do the Hyundai extended warranty then call the Hyundai
customer service and have them assist you in getting it or telling you who will do
it for you.
My wife and I was from upstate New York. Purchased a third party warranty from dealership
we then moved to Arizona. Had to use the extended warranty was told that hyundai
would not honor the warranty as it was a warranty sold to us thru our New York dealership
and we could only use it at that dealership. It was not a Hyundai warranty just a third party
warranty thru our New York dealer even after the dealer said we could use it any where.
no one would take it. Couldn't drive it 2400 miles to get it fixed.
Dealerships will tell you anything to make the extra money they get from those 3rd party
Only manufacture warranties for me