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DO NOT use Hyundai Motor Finance if State to State title is required.


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Wildwood, FL, USA
What I Drive
2020 Hyundai Palisade
Based on my experience do not use Hyundai Motor Finance if you have to do a State-to-State title for your vehicle. HMF received the title from Wisconsin on December 6 2019 in electronic format. They had a request from Sumpter County FL to send a paper copy of the title. In fact they have had 5 requests. Despite that I call in January to find out the problem why the title was not sent to FL. The Customer Care staff said 'we will send an email to release the title'. I asked why it was not sent with a request on file from FL. "We have not sent a request yet". In February I called to be told that they never received the title from Wisconsin. I escalated to a supervisor and was told "I'll send a request to release the title". I asked why this had not happened and was told "You didn't speak with a supervisor before". I called 3 days later and was told that it had not be released as yet. Florida sent 2 more fax requests (that is 5 total) and today I spoke with another supervisor. There is a dozen "holds" in 3 calls I mentioned. There were other calls by the County and the State of Wisconsin. I explained this time that my insurance company has placed a deadline on getting a title and plates on the vehicle. I can get neither without a paper title being sent to the County in FL. In FL if your insurance is cancelled an electronic notice goes to the State and your drivers licensed is immediately cancelled. That is my new vehicle, a rental car, my motorcycle and a golf cart that I can not legally drive. I explained we have 7 days to get this resolved. Over 2 months and not yet processed and today I was told the process could take 6 weeks. After 2 months. AND there is no assurance as HMF has still not printed and mailed the title to FL. In ONE WEEK I will not have a license in FL, let alone a title. I have temporary plates on the vehicle from Wisconsin and they are not willing to keep issuing temporary plates. After today's call I was told that HMF cannot tell me if they have resolved the problem without my calling back in and checking with her. I have called my dealership DAHL for help. There is no contact except by mail other than this one phone number and the single escalation to a supervisor.
You can write to "Care Department". I can not reach anyone that has the authority to resolve the problem. 3 TIMES emails have been sent from one department to another to 'print and release the title". AND the clock is ticking down on my drivers license. SO DO NOT USE HYUNDAI MOTOR FINANCE unless you have 3 months and an extra 5 hours to attempt to resolve issues.