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Apple Car Play using nav app


New Member
Concord, CA, USA
What I Drive
2020 Hyundai Palisade Limited
Wondering if anyone else is experiencing this problem. When connected to Apple Car Play using the iPhone Nav App, the view on the car's monitor reverts to North Up. I have the settings on the car app to Direction Up as well I have it to Direction Up on the iPhone. I have not found a way to fix this. I called the Hyundai Corporate Assistance department but all they can do is to read the manual so they have no answer to this. It is very frustrating to be driving forward but on the map everything is upside down and a right turn is to the left etc. The iPhone defaults to all text turn by turn directions when connected to Apple Car Play using the map with no way to make any adjustments or to get off of the turn by turn directions other than to cancel the route. I also spent 30 minutes on the phone with Apple and they found nothing. I think this is a glitch with the car, because we did a one way car rental to go out of town to purchase this car and the rented 2019 Dodge Charger worked just fine with Apple Car Play. I hope someone has a fix for this otherwise I will have to resort to putting the phone on a clip on gadget to the air vents. This is going backwards in technology, not forward. Thanks, Tom

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