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2021 Hyundai Palisade Calligraphy trim


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41606-2021HyundaiPalisadeAddsCalligraphyModelandStreamlinesContentPackaging.jpg 41603-2021HyundaiPalisadeAddsCalligraphyModelandStreamlinesContentPackaging.jpg 41576-2021HyundaiPalisadeAddsCalligraphyModelandStreamlinesContentPackaging.jpg 41578-2021HyundaiPalisadeAddsCalligraphyModelandStreamlinesContentPackaging.jpg 41622-2021HyundaiPalisadeAddsCalligraphyModelandStreamlinesContentPackaging.jpg
The 2021 Hyundai Palisade is stepping its game up just one year on. For 2021, Hyundai has added a top shelf Calligraphy trim to the lineup that’s even more luxurious and premium than the Limited. Most of the changes for the Calligraphy trim are aesthetic, and the adjustments make it stand out from the rest of the Palisade lineup.

For starters, it gets a new “Calligraphy” front grille. Instead of the silver crossbars, this Palisade has a new, triangular patterned design that looks rather premium. What stands out the most, though, as the new Calligraphy-exclusive 20-inch wheels. These alone will ensure it’s not mistaken for any other “normal” Palisade on the road. Bright silver and black patterns criss-cross through as spokes, resulting in one of the wildest wheel designs in Hyundai’s history. Hyundai has added some lower door garnish that stretches from fender-to-fender, too.

To further differentiate the Calligraphy from other trims, Hyundai has focused on added lighting. The crossover gains puddle lamps, an ultra-wide LED third brake light and taillight design specific to this trim.

On the inside, Hyundai added quilted leather door panels and quilted leather on the seat backs. Of course, it looks spectacular. It also gets a suede headliner, perforated leather steering wheel and premium cargo sill protection plate. All Calligraphy trim models will come standard with all-wheel drive, instead of front-wheel drive.
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2020 Palisade Limited Fwd
So pretty much it's the existing Limited with slightly different wheels and grill but higher price. To me that's not worth anything extra. Glad I got the 2020 Limited while it's still available

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Atlanta, GA, USA
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2020 Palisade
The 2021 Calligraphy Edition is basically the 2020 Limited with some cosmetic changes and different wheels. Then the "Dumbed Down" the 2021 Limited, removed all the plastic chrome. Im glad I got the 2020 Limited when I did...Oh and they raised the price.