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Towing power-yes Lights -No


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South Carolina
At routine maintenance for my 2020 Palisade, the dealer removed the fuse to my 7 point trailer lights and refused to put it back in at my request. Some time at some place they figured the towing light wires caused a fire. His advice: just tow without lights.................I bought this car specifically for the best towing power short of a pickup. I wanted to throw the keys at him. Instead I called the shop that had installed the aftermarket hitch and he will put the fuse back in. Has no knowledge of any problem...ever.
Los Angeles, CA, USA
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there is a recall for this if you have the Kia/Hyundai 4 or 7 pin module, but at the moment I don't believe there is a fix for it, the dealer is required by the recall to disable the circuit until the fix is determined..

what appears to be happening is the control module computer board has some type of internal short when the lights are on and it causes the vehicle to over charge.

I have experienced the issue as I have a voltage gauge installed on my 2021, driving during the day the voltage is normal 14.2. with the lights on (specifically the tail lights) the voltage jumps to 15.2 - 15.5. which can cause a fire.

I removed my 7 pin harness (mine was a kia model from the Telluride) and the problem went away. Replacing it with an aftermarket unit this weekend.

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