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SOLD: Set of Ventus S1 noble2 245/50R20 runflat tires (20" tires which came with SEL + conv pkg)


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2020 Palisade SEL
Less than 500 miles of use.

Ventus S1 noble2 (H452) | Passenger Car Tires | Hankook USA
Discover Ventus S1 noble2, the ideal balance of ultra high performance all season passenger car tire. Check its specs, features, structure and performance.

These came equipped on my Palisade and sell for $202 per tire on Tirerack.

I'll be trading in for credit at a local tire store at the end of June (ie. they advised me to wait for the July 4th specials). Listing here in case someone wants $800 worth of almost new tires at a good deal for their Pali.

Note: I have zero experience shipping tires.. please research that and factor in to any offer. I'm in the Raleigh NC area in case anyone wants to arrange hand off in person.


EDIT: Sold

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2020 AWD Palisade SEL (Lagoon Silver/B
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