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Report all Cracked Windshields!


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Vienna, VA, USA
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2020 Palisade Limited
Owners who have had the windshield crack issue should submit a report to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration right away (or similar if outside of the US). Kia has opened an investigation into the Telluride windshields and is covering the costs of replacements. Here's why--check the NHTSA page (Google "NHTSA 2020 Palisade", then do the same for the 2020 Telluride) you'll note a HUGE difference. For the Palisade, 27 total reports have been submitted in all categories; 4 of those are about the windshield cracking (in the "Visibility/Wiper" category for complaints). Conversely, for the Telluride, there are 57 complaints in the Visibility/Wiper category ALONE and 56 are about cracks! Kia was forced, or at least strongly encouraged to do something because their owners were not shy in reporting the issue. NHTSA's site says they review every complaint.

I submitted my complaint earlier this week and encourage others to do so, no matter how long it has been and if it has been covered by your insurance. There ARE issues with this windshield but Hyundai has no incentive to address it if owners don't make them.

My initial hit was at the base of the windshield with the black tint so not noticed until one morning a large semi-circle crack appeared. I contacted Hyundai and they advised to have my dealer submit a "Pre-Approval" for a replacement as a goodwill request, but no luck. Contacted Hyundai again after the dealer approach didn't work. They called me back today and I mentioned the pro-active approach that Kia is taking and the number of instances mentioned on owners forums and on the NHTSA site. Something is definitely wrong, but again, it was denied. I'm going to go ahead and have it repaired with my insurance since it will continue to spread and is a safety issue. I recommend that everyone report through Hyundai and NHTSA as well. If it gets traction they may eventually have a recall and way to submit a claim to get a refund. Keep all of your paperwork.

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