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New York
Big hello from the Northeast. Have a 2020 Palisade SEL with Bench Seats. Bought it in 2019 but I just found this particular forum. Here are some pics of my custom. Just bought some new kicker speakers to round out the sound system. Exterior is a wrap, changed the grill out in 2019, and ashanti rims. Now running 265/50/20 tires. Slight tire rub at full lock left and right. So far love the car but it has not been without issues. They have replaced my head unit as the GPS voice command didn't work after a year and half. I hate the new menu as I preferred the triple screen menu that always came on. Now I get the stupid Hyundai screen and I have to touch the radio button to get the radio. My steering wheel mode button only switches between phones and not the radio and Satellite. They are replacing both rear shocks because after towing to Florida both shocks failed. I only had a cargo tray with heavy luggage and my truck filled with family and luggage on top. The alignment was off from stock but since I got new rims and tires both slightly bigger I have no claim but it wore out my tires (toe was way off), this along with the failed shocks (tire cupping) ruined my rears but I have now replaced with Pirelli. With all this said I still love my baby. I have since removed the Palisade emblem in the rear so the Genesis Wing is visible.