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New to the family 2021 Limited FWD


New Member
Jacksonville, FL, USA
What I Drive
2021 Palisade Limited FWD
I removed the luggage racks before I left the lot. I think they take away from the looks of the car and I dont really need them. Traded in a 2019 Kia Sorento SXL. This is a sweet ride. I just feel they stripped down the 2021 Limited for the new 2021 calligraphy trim. The 2021 Limited lost the quilted door panels, one off grill, rims, lighted back taillight accents. Most importantly for me, the black headliner. The tech is the same luckily but stills sad as there are really no 2020 limited models around me and no 2021 calligraphy models. Trade in prices for used cars right now are insane, in favor of the customer, and I didnt want to miss out on it as about 3 months ago I was upside down by a lot, this month not so much.


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