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My 2020 Palisade Limited: Shocks and AC compressor


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Cape Coral FL
What I Drive
2020 Palisade Limited & 2020 Tucson
I have a 2020 Palisade Limited with 76K miles (my wife and I drive it back and forth between PA and FL). The rear shocks leaked and had to be replaced recently. Hyundai tried to tell us it was normal wear and not covered by my warranty. I but I have had 3 Hyundai Elantras before buying the 2020 Palisade in December 2019 and our 2020 Tucson in July 2020. I mention this because we put over 240K miles on the 2004 Elantra and never replaced shocks. Both of the other Elantras had over 150K miles with no shock issues. We also have an extended warranty but were told shocks were not covered and the issue was just normal wear. Really - When I have not replaced shocks on any of my previous Hyundai vehicles. Our dealer gave us the shocks for cost in an attempt to help us out but the bill was still a bit over $1100.

Oh, and just today we found out the AC compressor has to be replaced on the Palisade and we are waiting to see whether the extended warranty will cover it. We hope so as the bill for that will be around $1300 parts and labor.

I have been a Hyundai owner for over 20 years, and a satisfied one until now. I feel that Hyundai let me down and does not care about LOYAL CUSTOMERS!!

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